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Discussions on SQL Server Replication

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  • 05/17/14--11:30: Replication better Approach
  • Hi All,

    I want better approach for example:-

    A- Publisher in Kol

    C- Subscriber in Kol (want to used reading purpose only)

    D- Subscriber in US (want to use reading purpose as well HA)

    *Insertion/Updation/Deletion only one end on A publisher

    for same scenarion i am thinking doing peer to peer or transaction replication with queue updating .

    if I am using transaction replication with queue updating with Pull Subscription then add B for distriutor.I think this is better because if transaction not go in Subscriber then overhead to the distributor .....

    I am using SQL 2008 R2 Enterprise.

    Please let me know which one is beteer approach in terms of performance...

    I have another option :-

    A- Publisher in Kol

    B-Distribution in Kol

    C- Subscriber in Kol

    D- Subscriber in US

    but this doesnt provide HA but i am thinking adding HA as well and remove mirrioring.I have no issue for down time for 10 min (change application path like that)


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  • 05/18/14--20:24: Peer to Peer with Azure
  • Can you build a peer to peer topology that includes VMs in a local data center and in azure?


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    Which system table stored the information of Transactional publication with updatable subscriptions? I would like to check if any publication is using. Thanks

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    I would like to have a replication for my database (in SQL Server 2008 R2), which automatically add/drop tables at the subscriber (without needing me to manually change the publication properties and articles items) as soon as I add/drop at the publisher. Can anyone help me on that?



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    Hi all, I'm new in Merge Replication and I don't know how to solve my problem.

    I have 2 computer:

    1. PC1: Distribution and publication server (Windows Server 2008R2)
    2. PC2: Subscriber (Windows 7)

    I have 1 database on PC1: DB_NAME 

    I defined these accounts:

    1. PC1: SQL account PC1_AC1 (account for distribution and publication), Windows Account PC1_AC2 (account for snapshot agent)
    2. PC2: Windows Account PC2_AC1.

    I set the following rights:

    1. PC1_AC1: db_owner of distribution database, db_owner of database DB_NAME, Roles: public, serveradmin 
    2. PC1_AC2:db_owner of distribution database, db_owner of database DB_NAME, granted access of the "repldata" folder (read/write). Role: public, sysadmin

    I set the distribution server and created a publication correctly. On PC2, from code, I created a subscriber and when I try to synchronize the subscriber database with the publisher I have this error:

    "The schema script 'TableName_2.sch' could not be propagated to the subscriber. OS error 1326 username or password not valid."

    I don't understand where is the problem because from windows I can reach the snapshot folder "\\<server_name>\repldata\unc\" with PC1_AC2 account but apparently not from code. I'm executing this code:

    MergeSynchronizationAgent syncAgent;
    MergePullSubscription mergePullSub = new MergePullSubscription();

    mergePullSub.ConnectionContext = <connection_name>;
    mergePullSub.PublicationName = <publication_name>;
    mergePullSub.PublisherName = <publicher_name>;
    mergePullSub.PublicationDBName = DB_NAME;
    mergePullSub.DatabaseName = DB_NAME_SUB;


    mergePullSub.AltSnapshotFolder = "\\<server_name>\repldata";

    mergePullSub.SynchronizationAgent.DistributorSecurityMode = SecurityMode.Standard;
    mergePullSub.SynchronizationAgent.DistributorLogin = PC1_AC1_login;
    mergePullSub.SynchronizationAgent.DistributorPassword = PC1_AC1_password;

    mergePullSub.SynchronizationAgent.PublisherSecurityMode = SecurityMode.Standard;
    mergePullSub.SynchronizationAgent.PublisherLogin = PC1_AC1_login;
    mergePullSub.SynchronizationAgent.PublisherPassword = PC1_AC1_password;

    mergePullSub.SubscriberSecurity.WindowsAuthentication = true;

    syncAgent = mergePullSub.SynchronizationAgent;
    syncAgent.ExchangeType = MergeExchangeType.Bidirectional; 

    // Start the Merge Agent Job.
    catch (Exception)


    Can someone help me? Wher is the error?

    Thank you very much

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    I am getting in the logreader agent and it getting stopped Abruptly showing below error

    "The replication agent has not logged a progress message in 10 minutes. This might indicate an unresponsive agent or high system activity. Verify that records are being replicated to the destination and that connections to the Subscriber, Publisher, and Distributor are still active."

    When i start the agent it gets started but can i know why its getting stopped and how can i resolve this issue.

    Thanks in advance.

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    full error

    The concurrent snapshot for publication xxx is not available because it has not been fully generated or the Log Reader Agent is not running to activate it. If generation of the concurrent snapshot was interrupted, the Snapshot Agent for the pu.

    I've seen a bunch of these threads but with no real solution.

    This is SQL 2005 updateable transactional replication

    I've restared both snapshot and log reader - no errors, snapshot 100% generated. I've tried dropping and re-adding subscriber - but too no avail.

    Also it seems to happen inconsistantly - sometimes when i run the script to recreate the replication it works, sometimes it doesn't!

    Is there any way to see why this error is actually happening so i can avoid in the future

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    I have database in SQL Server 2008 r2 (e.g. Publisher). I replicate its tables and data to another database  (e.g. Subscriber).

    Then I added a table (e.g. AddedTable), and dropped another table (e.g. DroppedTable) at the publisher.

    Is there an option in replication that I can reload "all the existing" tables to the subscriber (and visa verse) automatically?To

    be clearer, I do not want to let a job know what table has been added or dropped. What I want is, as soon as the database changed, the replication procedure re-load the all the article items in the publication (e.g. blindly) and does the replication again.



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    We are running transaction replication, with a publisher and a single subscriber located in different data centres. The distribution database is located with the subsciber.

    We get high replication latency regularly, and during those times I have identified the bottleneck as the execution of sp_MSget_repl_commands by the distribution reader. Monitoring this thread in the DMV dm_exec_requests, it is consistently getting long waits for wait_type ASYNC_NETWORK_IO.

    Why would distribution reader by waiting on network? The thread and distribution database are all located on the same server. Is there something else that the distribution reader thread does that requires accessing the publisher?

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    We are using SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise.


    There is one transaction that is holding up all subsequent transactions.


    Is there a way to find the transaction causing this issue...

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    We have multiple sites all running the same database schema on SQL Server Express.

    We want to have our remote sites sales data collected into a central corporate database which is running SQL Server Enterprise.

    I know we could implement multiple publishers with a central subscriber if we were running a different version of SQL Server at the remote sites, however, given our current software versions we need to implement a central publisher and multiple subscribers. But instead of pushing out data from our central publisher, we just want to collect the data from our remote subscribers.

    Can this be done, and if so, how would it be set up?

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    Hi All,

    we have initiated replication on SQL server 2005 server but we are facing some problem on replication.

    In Replication monitor Distributor to subscriber is showing pending 

    Error Details : 

    The text, ntext, and image data types cannot be compared or sorted, except when using IS NULL or LIKE operator.

    CREATE VIEW [dbo].[View_MasterVCCOnfig_ENG_275]  AS  SELECT     [RowId], [controllerid], [lineid], [PartNumber], [Description], [MOdelType], [GB_Part1], [GB_Part2], [GB_Part3], [GB_Part4], [GB_Part5], IsActive,                        row_number() OVER (ORDER BY PartNumber) Rownumber  FROM         [CVBU_ENGINESHOP].[dbo].[VC_AttributeMaster_ENG_275]    

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  • 05/25/14--22:43: Add column to article
  • How to add new column to replicated tables?

    Thanks in advance


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    I've got two servers and have been tasked with finding out if they're SRDF or not, is there anyway to check? I'm using Windows Server 2008, and SSMS 2008.

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    Good day. I have a production environment and I am looking to configure data replication to an off-site environment. The data does not have the be replicated real-time. It can be t-1 days. our production environment uses a Cisco firewall so I am aware that I can use a VPN tunnel to secure the transmission (data is sensitive information). The replica of production will be used for reporting purposes.

    Is there a good how-to or can someone guide me through the process of configure the transmission?

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    We are currently attempting to replicate from a SQL production 2005 (with updates) server to a SQL 2012 server.

    I understand that with transactional replication a primary key is needed for all tables.  Some of the tables we need to replicate do not have a primary key.

    What are my options:

    Can I use a different type of replication (Snapshot or Merge)?

    Exclude the tables from being replicated?

    Add a primary key to the appropriate tables?

    Any other options?


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    As per the document in 'Configure IIS 7 for Web Synchronization' (,

    The account used for the SQL Server Replication Listener must be a member of the PAL and be mapped to a login in the Publisher/Distributor database.

    Is this possible to do this if the Publisher/Distributor server and IIS server are on separate servers and separate workgroups. If not are there any workarounds? or should these server belong to the same domain?


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    Hi all,

    I have set up Replication in a test environment replicating from 2005 to 2012 and have got it working using the following set up:

    Server 1 - Distributor and Publisher
    Server 2 - Subscription

    This is set up as snapshot replication as only need to take a copy once a day.

    I want to set up the validation but there is no option on the menu, I've tried both servers.

    I also tried to run the sp_publication_validation stored proc as a test but it says my publication does not exist.

    It could be something straight forward as permissions or SQL version but I haven't been able to locate any info online. Ideally I would like to use the menu option.

    Any help much appreciated!

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  • 08/29/13--07:34: Snapshot will not run
  • I am trying to create a new publication on a SQL 2008R2 instance that already has two publications running successfully. When the snapshot agent kicks in it is failing. The job created has the following in the history:

    Step 2:

    The replication agent encountered a failure. See the previous job step history message or Replication Monitor for more information.  The step failed.

    Step 3:

    Executed as user: domain\user. Agent shutdown. For more information, see the SQL Server Agent job history for job 'instance-publication-20'. [SQLSTATE 01000] (Message 20557)  Replication-Replication Snapshot Subsystem: agentinstance-publication-20 failed. The replication agent encountered a failure. See the previous job step history message or Replication Monitor for more information.  The step failed. [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 14151).  The step failed.

    I have tried turning on logging by adding the relevant params to the job step, running from the command line, switching the NT user to myself (a sysadmin), changing snapshot from network path back to default path and publishing other databases. None of this has made any difference, the folder/files for the snapshot do not get created and I can't get any useful output.

    I also switched the owner of the database to be my own account and ran checkdb (no errors). It's compatibility level is 90.

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    Greetings we had an error in replication today with one of our distribution agent jobs, invalid column error. I was trying to locate the table/article that was causing the error, but we have 20+ table that have that same column name and I could not find anywhere in the error logs an indication of which table or replication proc was failing. Eventually I turned on verbose logging to an output file and got a list of the replication procs but again, it was not telling me which one of 20 or more was the problem. I eventually found it but wanted to see if there is a better way to do this as I would think either the table/article name would be made available.


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