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Discussions on SQL Server Replication

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    Just a quick rundown of my environment, Two SQL 2012 Instances with multiple databases in an AlwaysOn Multisubnet AG. With a third SQL 2012 instance is used for the distributor.

    Following the documentation for enabling a replication publication on an AlwaysOn protected database advises me to issue the following stored procedure to redirect the original publisher to the AG listener name. Which causes issues for me. I believe the issues that I am seeing is because my AG is a MultiSubnet AG.

    Any ideas how I might be able to force  clients when connecting the redirected publisher to include the MultiSubnetFailover=true connection string parameter would be helpful.




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    I have a very strange problem.

    I have an existing publisher/subscription, which is working perfectly.  We added a new article using the SSMS 2012 GUI to the publication, ran snapshot agent, which shows it successfully generated the single article.  I see the snapshot files in the replication directory on the file system.

    However, it will not create the new table on the subscriber.   It does not show any errors in the logs and replication is continuing from other tables normally.  I see the commands for the init of the new article in sp_browsereplcmds.

    If I add a tracer token it goes in 4 seconds.

    Unfortunately, this is a large Production subscription, so I would rather not reinit the entire subscription if I can help it.

    Any ideas?

    Publisher:  Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (SP1) - 11.0.3412.0 (X64)

    Subscriber: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (SP2) - 10.50.4000.0 (X64)

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  • 04/06/15--01:03: SQL Server Replication
  • Hi,

    I have two different server running autocount with Microsoft Sql Server 2008.

    First server is here locally and the second server is overseas.

    What i want to do is to sync the sql server 2008 from overseas going to be use locally.

    any changes from local and overseas it must be sync in each other.

    I want to know what are the requirements for doing this setup.

    and what is the exact keyword for it syncing or replication?

    I tried accessing the overseas server through VPN but its very slow and not recommended.

    If you know any ideas/suggestion please reply to my post


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    i was not able to find correct answer on this counter. As I read it shows logical conflict errors, but was not able to get with t-sql any information about conflicts. Counter repeatedly report about conflicts but all merge replication system tables are empty, is any way to query this counter with T-SQL?


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    Environment: SQL Server 2008 R2

    When adding a new article using sp_addarticle, why do I need to specify @identityrangemanagementoption ? Shouldn’t it be ‘auto’ by default and that should have handled the identity columns ?


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    I have a transaction replication for my database containing multiple tables.  Rows in one table on subscriber db are modified accidentally; due to this the replication is throwing errors. No other table has foreign key relations with this table and this table doesn't depend on any other table. I do not need this article anymore.  Can I remove the offending article from publication to fix the replication issue ? I can add the article later when I need. When I tested this scenario, it seems to work in my test environment but I just wanted to make sure if this is the right approach. I do not want to reinitialize the entire subscription.



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    Hello all,

    I have a issue where my SSIS package is getting stuck when running through SQL agent. SQL agent runs through a domain account. To troubleshoot what i did is, I logged in using SQLagent account on server and ran the package manually from Visual Studio which completed successfully. So I am not sure what is wrong here.

    Environment is : SQL 2008 R2(X64) on Windows 2008R2 Std(X64)

    The job gets stuck and does not log anything nor does it fail.

    SSIS experts please advise and let me know if you need any further details.

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  • 04/08/15--17:53: cannot create a publisher
  • Folks,

    When I created a publisher with a remote distributor via wizard, I got an error of "The server '(null)' is already defined as a Distributor. To reconfigure the server as a Distributor, you must first uninstall the existing ...". I checked the distributor server and found the publisher was there. Does anybody have idea of what is wrong with the settings?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Is there a TSQL command to switch a server currently being used in replication out? We're upgrading one server and it's currently acting as a publisher to a new server. I want to run an update to point replication to the new server.



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    Hello all,

    My scenario is very small. I have 1 server and 2 remote sites with only 1 PC, connected through VPN. I would like replicate online two remote sites with the server. The remote Pc's contains POS applications.

    The data that I want replicate from server to remote PC's will be products, prices, stocks... and the data I want replicate from PC's to server will be orders, ticket sales...

    Which type of replication recommend me for this scenario?.

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    Based on couple of queries, I came to know that client is using transactional replication. But is there anyway to find out what kind of transactional replication is it . I only have read_only access to the servers.


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    I restored a copy of my merge subscriber database to a new name for some testing. When the restore was complete (without KEEP_REPLICATION), the merge agent jobs were deleted. Is this normal behavior? I have never experienced this before.

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    Hi All,

    we are re configuring snapshot replication on test environment. need to know we need to just take a full backup & restore it proceed with usual snapshot replication or do we need to care of any settings before/after backup restore?



    Std edition SQL server 2008 R2 on publisher & subscriber.

    please let us know.

    thanks in advance..


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    Working on a system for a client (2012) and they asked me about programmatically showing a list of replication conflicts in the system.  It is a peer to peer with continue on conflict turned on.  I've searched around and all documentation just points back to the Conflict Viewer that is built into SSMS. 

    Thoughts on what the viewer is using to retrieve the conflict data?



    Chuck Pedretti | Magenic – North Region |

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    After updating to SP2 on SQL 2012 merge replication gives this error on all subscriptions:

    Error messages:
    The merge process could not update the last sent generation sent to the Publisher. If this failure persists, reinitialize the subscription. (Source: MSSQL_REPL, Error number: MSSQL_REPL-2147201005)
    Get help: http://help/MSSQL_REPL-2147201005
    Invalid column name 'last_local_sentgen'. (Source: MSSQLServer, Error number: 207)
    Get help: http://help/207

    If I create a new subscription to a new database (not been part of any replication before) it gives the same error.

    I also tried to recreate the publisher-part. Did not help.


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    Hi Experts,

    we are using sql server 2008 R2 SP2 on windows server 2008 r2, 64 bit.

    Merge replication is the topology.

    we have around 15 publications for 2 different databases. some publications require continuous sync and some are once in a day.

    so, the metadata cleanup and subscription expiry was set to to never expire. this setting is adding up lots of records to the three system tables




    so Iam doing a manual weekely change of the setting to 5 days (on Friday), and keeping it back to never expire on monday.

    I understand that, I can always keep the setting as 5 days and let it leave, but with any reason if there is no sync, subscriptions will get expired, and will removed.

    so I just want to automate this setting. every friday, it should change to 5 days retention, and then monday, to never expire.

    I even thought about creating a job to execute the stored procedure sp_mergemetadataretentioncleanup,instead of chaning these settings. but this is required upto only sql server 2000.

    so please suggest the best approach.

    thanks in advance.

    Cheers, Vinod Mallolu

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    I am planning to implement transactional replication with updatable subscription between two sql2005 Instance .I am surprised that i cold see this type of replication in the new publication wizard in the source server instead i see peer-to-peer replication.

    Could you please help me in understanding how to setup  transactional replication with updatable subscription in sqlserver 2005 standard edition.


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    Please I need help here.I really really appreciate your help.

    Here are my scenarios:

    We have an application with replicated environment setup on sql server 2012 . Users will have a replica on their machines and they will replicate to the master database. It has 3 subscriptions subscribed to the publications on the master db.

    1) We set up a replica(which uses sql server 2012) on a machine with no sql server on it. After the initial synchronization(used replmerge tool) the mdf file has grown to 33gigs and ldf has grown to 41 gigs. I went to sql server management studion . Right click and checked the properties of the local database. over all size is around 84 gb with little empty free space available.

    2) We set up a replica(which uses sql server 2012) on a machine with sql server 2008 on it. After the initial synchronization(used replmerge tool) the mdf file has grown to 49 gigs and ldf has grown to 41 gigs. I went to sql server management studio , Right click and checked the properties of the local database. over all size is around 90 gb with 16 gb free space available.

    3) We set up a replica(which uses sql server 2012) on a machine with sql server 2012 on it. We have dropped the local database and recreated the local db and did the initial synchronization using replmerge tool. The mdf file has grown to 49 gigs and ldf has grown to 41 gigs. I went to sql server management studio , Right click and checked the properties of the local database. over all size is around 90 gb with 16 gb free space available.

    Why it is allocating the space differently? This is effecting our initiall replica set up times. Any input will be greatly appreciated.



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  • 03/20/14--03:01: Replication Issue

  • HI team,

    while i am trying to enable the database replication under publication properties getting below error,

    please reply Answer ASAP.

    i am using this query also but no use.[

    use master
    exec sp_replicationdboption @dbname = 'mydbname',
    @optname = 'publish',
    @value = 'true'


    ] error message is :

    Msg 6314, Level 16, State 1, Line 2
    Collection specified does not exist in metadata : 'max'

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    I had transactional replication working between two SQL2008 R2 instances for a few weeks.  No tables where replicated but objects such as procedures, functions & views were.  This was all ok.  

    I've now added two more subscriptions to this from different instances and gone thru the whole initialize publication and initialize all three subscriptions, no errors but changes and new objects are not replicated.  I checked the articles list for the new objects and all is good. 

    There are no errors however, the objects are not being replicated around the instances. 

    I created a new procedure called __aaa to test this, it's not in the snapshot folder as a .sch file so I assume the issue is at the publisher. 

    Any ideas? 


    Updated.  I went into the "Replication Monitor" at the publisher and drilled down to the properties of the subscriptions, after starting them here is all ok.  

    Still none the wiser as to why this stopped working :-( 

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