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Discussions on SQL Server Replication

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    when i view replication monitor  i get the following error:

    Procedure or function 'sp_MSupd_dboItems' expects parameter '@bitmap', which was not supplied. (Source: MSSQLServer, Error number: 201)

    also, in what database the stored procedure 'sp_MSupd_dboItems' found

    Can someone help with this error please

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    In my SQL Server 2008 R2 environment -

    Created a 'source' and 'target' database and altered the database collation as follows -

    In my SQL Server 2008 R2 environment -

    Created a 'source' and 'target' database and altered the database collation as follows -

    use master








    I created the below table in my source and target databases.

    createtable dbo.tcolcs1(

        c0 int notnullprimarykey,

        c1 varchar(30)collate SQL_Latin1_General_Cp1_CI_AS,

        c2 char(30)collate SQL_Latin1_General_Cp1_CI_AS,

        c3 text collate SQL_Latin1_General_Cp1_CI_AS,

        c4 nvarchar(30)collate SQL_Latin1_General_Cp1_CI_AS,

        c5 nchar(30)collate SQL_Latin1_General_Cp1_CI_AS,

        c6 ntext collate SQL_Latin1_General_Cp1_CI_AS,

        cA varchar(30)collate Chinese_PRC_CI_AS,

        cB char(30)collate Chinese_PRC_CI_AS,

        cC text collate Chinese_PRC_CI_AS,

        cD nvarchar(30)collate Chinese_PRC_CI_AS,

        cE nchar(30)collate Chinese_PRC_CI_AS,

        cF ntext collate Chinese_PRC_CI_AS



    I have inserted the below record in my source database.

    insertinto dbo.tcolcs1values(10, nchar(0x00c4),nchar(0x00c4),'A',nchar(0x00c4),'B', nchar(0x00c4),NCHAR(0x4EBC),NCHAR(0x4EBC),NCHAR(0x4EBC),NCHAR(0x4EBC),NCHAR(0x4EBC),NCHAR(0x4EBC))

    Just for information, character '0x00c4' is available in Latin1 code page but does not exist in Chinese_PRC_CI_AS code page.

    Once the SQL Server replication does its job, I found the below record in target database.

    c0  c1  c2  c3  c4  c5  c6  cA  cB  cC  cD  cE  cF

    10 ?  ?   A  Ä   B  Ä         

    Now, the problem is that SQL Server is not replicating the column C1 and C2 correctly. Both columns are having latin1 collation and character '0x00c4' exists in Latin code page.

    My questions -

    1. Is this a limitation of SQL Server or any specific settings need to be enabled ?

    2. Does SQL Server native replication use ODBC or OLEDB ? How can I know this ?

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    Greetings.  We are moving our 9 year old solution to Azure.  We currently rely heavily on web based merge replication to update / merge / manage our 2 MSSQL Servers.

    20005 -->  2012Ent.

    What the heck do I do, if I want to go to SQL Azure?  It will totally do what we need to do, except send changes back to the Mother DB.  thoughts?

    SQL Azure ---> 2012Ent.

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    I am following this link. Well when I go to add a publisher it doesn't give me the option of adding a remote distributor. Any ideas? Here is the link. Figure 13 is where I am stuck.


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  • 01/24/15--21:05: Replication With Mirroring
  • Hi

     I configure the Replication to a database  which already configured for mirroring, Once the Fail over happen ,the replication which points to Pricipal database fail, Is there any option to configure the Replication so that the publisher can publish from the current principal server,

    The distribution database is in the same server (Principal) ,but once fail over the principal change to Mirror so it cannot publish.

    Thanks & Regards Manoj

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  • 01/15/15--00:26: Creating Replication
  • Hi All,

    I am going to remove my previous transaction replication and creating new one details as follow

    Old Environment
    Transaction Replication

    -Publisher and distributor on the same server
    -push subscription
    subscriber is initialized from backup
    - there is no snapshot run initially

    New Environment  which i am going to create
    Transaction Replication
    -distributor on subscriber
    - pull subscription
    - subscriber will initialize from snapshot first time 
    - snapshot folder on  shared folder which is on subscriber server


    please let me know if anyone has good idea than it   or anything is to change 
    Note: I do not have separate server for distributor

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    I have a merge publication that I always create with a script but has now stopped working with what appears to be a complete server problem.


    The actual command i am executing is a simple



    but it fails with


    Msg 50000, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp_add_jobstep_internal, Line 253

    The current transaction cannot be committed and cannot support operations that write to the log file. Roll back the transaction.

    Msg 3931, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp_MSadd_repl_job_unsafe, Line 376

    The current transaction cannot be committed and cannot be rolled back to a savepoint. Roll back the entire transaction.



    I have tried recreating the database from scratch, renaming it, renaming the publication, even disabling the publications altogether but it makes no difference. There is nothing in the sql or event logs and I cant do any work until Ive got past it - help!


    I am using SQL 2005 SP2 if that makes any difference.




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    Hi ALl,

    We have merge replications setup. it is not working in one direction. I enabled the logging to output fine but no use i could not find anything. The pings are fine no drops. Telnet is working. no load on server. i contacted network teams there is no issues. What could be the issue?

    The merge process could not retrieve column information for table 'dbo.MAINT'. Verify that you have sufficient privileges on the database and retry the operation.The merge process could not enumerate changes at the 'Subscriber'. When troubleshooting, restart the synchronization with verbose history logging and specify an output file to which to write.

    But the agent subsystem account and replication has sysadmin permission no possibility of password issue.

    Snapshot folder and file not be used here. 

    Select * from MSmerge_history
    order by time Desc

    Query result is

    Uploading data changes to the Publisher. 

    after that there is no status

    Please help Its very urgent issue

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    Hi, I am using SQL Server 2008 R2 and working on building a reporting database using transactional push replication and want to know the downside that we should aware of using this.

    For instance, is the data always available to the users even when changes are being written from the publisher?

    I am also interested in learning replication mechanism & internals. How should I proceed?

    Thanks in advance........


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    Hi All,

    Please explain the which stored procedures running internally ?

    Thanks in advance 


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    We have a peer-to-peer replication setup between four SQL 2008 nodes. While running profiler I noticed every 5 seconds (the polling interval of the distributor) a call is being made to update the transaction_timestamp and time columns in the MSreplication_subscriptions table. This call is being made every 5 seconds even if there have been no changes to any node.

    execsp_executesqlN'update MSreplication_subscriptions set transaction_timestamp = cast(@P1 as binary(15)) + cast(substring(transaction_timestamp, 16, 1) as binary(1)),"time" = @P2 where UPPER(publisher) = UPPER(@P3) and publisher_db = @P4 and publication = @P5 and subscription_type = 0 and (substring(transaction_timestamp, 16, 1) = 0 or datalength(transaction_timestamp) < 16)',N'@P1 varbinary(14),@P2 datetime,@P3 nvarchar(10),@P4 nvarchar(4),@P5 nvarchar(4)',0x0000178700004419000100000000,'2015-01-28 20:20:39',N'PAR-EFS-01',N'EFS2',N'EFS2'

    Does anyone have an idea why this occurs? As the timestamp value isn't changing when there has been no activity it seems unnecessary to make this call repeatedly. Since our replication is running over a WAN link with limited bandwidth it would be nice to minimize unnecessary traffic, or at least understand why it is occurring and necessary.

    Another interesting observation is that this activity only occurs in one direction, from the last server to receive a transaction back to the publisher. That is to say, if servers A and B are in a peer-to-peer topology and A distributed the last transaction then B will repeatedly make this call back to A. 

    Does anyone know the rationale behind this behavior?


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    I have an issue with SQL SERVER 2012 R2 replications. I created a Transactional Publication on my server, generating subscriptions (a subscriber which is on a LAN and another in a VPN. Both with SQL SERVER EXPRESS 2012) but nothing data is replicated. I have tried updating the SQL instances, giving permissions to the snapshot agent user, using the SA user to connect to the subscriber, checking the TCP / IP ports subscriber. In all of cases it generates the following error:

    Agent message code: 20084

    The processcould not connecttoSubscriber'xxx'  (Origen: MSSQL_REPL, Número de error: MSSQL_REPL0)

    Get help: http: //help /MSSQL_REPL0
    Named PipesProvider: Could notopen a connection toSQLServer[1326].(Source:MSSQLServer,Error number:1326)
    Get help: http: //help / 1326
    Error relatedor instance-specific networktoconnect to theSQLServer.The serveris not found oris not accessible.Verify that theinstance nameis correct and ifSQLServeris configured to allowremote connections.For moreinformation, see theBooks Online forSQLServer.(Source:MSSQLServer,Error number:1326)
    Get help: http: //help / 1326
    You have completedthe timeoutlogin (Source:MSSQLServer,Error number:HYT00)
    Get help: http: //help / HYT00

    Please, I hope you can help me.Thisreplication configuration'vesuccessfullydonemany times,but this time Ididthis unexpected problem andno longerto do.

    I appreciate yourresponse.


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    On a new transaction replication publiciation/subscription, the tracer tokens I generate always show pending for publisher to distributor and distributor to subscriber.  The log reader agent is running and last action continues to update.   The Performance column in the repl monitor shows Excellent with a 00:00:03 latency.  Distribution cleanup, agent history clean up, and replication agents checkup all show job succeeded and a resent last start time and their running times are usualy around a second or show 00:00:00.  On the subscriber, the "view synchronization status"  is being updated with number of transactions and commands being delivered.  I can confirm that updates are making it to the subscriber database.  On the surface, everything apears ok but I'm bothered by the tracker tokens not working.

    this is SQL Server 2008 R2 10.50.1600.1 - OS is Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1.



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  • 12/05/11--05:13: Which replication type
  • Hi,

    We have multiple servers running SQL Server 2005.  Currently, on each server scripts run to collect data such as free disk space, etc. This data is dropped into a table on the server on which the script runs.  We would like to be able to replicate this data to a central location. Which replication method would be most appropriate for this. 

    Many thanks

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    Hi ,

    Can anyone provide link to configure Merge Replication in 2005 with print screen.Also let me know the difference between Transcation level and Merge Replication.




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  • 01/29/15--11:12: sync two database
  • I am beginner in sql Database and I don't know where and how i search for my question.

    I have two computer (a laptop and a PC). i work with database somtimes in laptop E& somtimes in PC

    I need a solution to make Synchronization the two database to merge their records

    suppos I have a table in database

    in PC its data is:

    1a 11:20

    2b 10:30


    And in other system the data is

    1a 11:20

    2b 10:30


    the row 3 created differently

    I need to merge tow tables :

    1a 11:20

    2b 10:30

    3c 12:00 

    4f 08:25

    Is a solution that can mege Inserted,Edited or deleted rows in two tables??



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    In the topologies that have three or more participating databases.
    What if all nodes are working at the same time? "The topology is not partitioned by time.".
    location 1 will do insert/update/delete/read in the same time location 2 also will do insert/update/delete/read  .......

    **Data that will be added by each location is different(each location has its own primary key ranges).

    Is it recomended to use Peer-to-Peer Transactional Replication in such scinarios?

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    Let's say i have created a database and i want to distribute a copy of that database to a third party company, in order to fill in some data but not to delete any existing records. If the database contains a trigger, is it possible to protect that trigger from modifying or deleting it by the third party company? Is it possible to protect the database from deleting any existing records? I guess, if i can protect a trigger, then it is possible.

    What is the appropriate way to give a database copy to the third party company? Can i just give them a copy of the mdf and ldf files?

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    Hi All,

    I noticed that in our environment there was a row count mismatch between the publisher and subscriber.Still the replication monitor was showing excellent.I reinitialized the replication to resolve the issue.

    I want to set up alert row count mismatch alert between publish and subscrber tables before the client tells it to me.How this can be done?


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    Is it possible to implement replication between two different versions/editions/ bits(32/64)


    Publisher -->SQL 2005

    Distributor-->SQL 2008


    and vice versa.

    Example 2:

    Publisher -->SQL 2005 Standard 

    Distributor-->SQL 2005 enterprise

    Subscriber-->SQL 2005 express edition

    Example2 :

    Publisher -->SQL 2005 Standard 32bit

    Distributor-->SQL 2005 enterprise 64 bit

    Subscriber-->SQL 2005 enterprise 32 bit

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